August 10, 2008

Most Popular Posts - July

SMPlayer Review - One of the Most Powerful Video Players for Linux
SMPlayer is a complete video player built in Qt 4.4.0 and based on the powerful, open-source MPlayer.

XChat 2.8.6 Review - A Great Graphical IRC Client
XChat is a very powerful IRC client written in GTK who has been around for years and is now feature complete, low on resources, with a powerful scripting interface and support for C plugins.

Why Is It So Hard for Windows Users to Understand That Linux Is Not Windows
A short essay on what makes Windows users who try to switch to Linux have the impression that Linux is harder to learn or use than Windows.

5 Reasons to Use CLI over GUI
First, I must say that using CLI is not always faster, not necessarily. There are tasks which can be done faster and easier using some GUI application rather than typing a whole bunch of commands. But, nevertheless, command line is still very powerful and it's more appropriate to use it for certain tasks.

4 Ways to Rip DVDs on Linux
Review of 4 graphical applications to rip DVDs on Linux: K9Copy, AcidRip, DVD::Rip and Thoggen.

10 Best KDE Applications - Reloaded
Review of 10 KDE applications, a continuation to the 10 Best KDE Applications article I wrote a while ago.

Xfe Review - Wonderful File Manager
Review of the Xfe file manager for Linux written using the FOX toolkit.

12 Web Browsers for Linux - Review
A review on 12 graphical and CLI web browsers for Linux, including Firefox, Konqueror, Kazehakase, lynx and several more.

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