July 11, 2008

How-To: Create CD/DVD ISO Images with K3b

Here's a tutorial for beginners on how to create CD/DVD ISO images using K3b, the popular burner for KDE. This tutorial assumes you have K3b and the genisoimage tool installed. genisoimage is a fork of mkisofs, a command line tool used to create ISO9660 images and K3b uses it for creating images.

Step 1
Open K3b and select either New Data CD Project or New Data DVD Project, depending on what image you want to create. Then drag and drop all the files and directories you want in your image to the Data CD/DVD tab at the bottom.

Step 2
Click Burn (or alternately go to Project -> Burn or hit CTRL+B) and in the window that appears, tick Only create image. Your image will be saved by default in /tmp/kde-YOUR_USER/image_name.iso, however if you want to change the location, go to the Image tab and change it from there (see screenshots below).

Step 3
Hit Start and that should do it.

Updated: Jul 11, 2008 (Created: Jul 11, 2008)


raulih said...

Why this doesn't work for audio projects? It just copies the wav-files to the directory, but creates no iso-image...

Anonymous said...

I agree with raulih. I always get no .iso image if I'm trying to burn audio files. Bug in the program?

Pierre Thibault said...

How can I create an ISO image from a CD?

Anonymous said...

Explanation: An ISO image is kind of like a ZIP file. It contains information detailing how a CD or DVD should be created, including a bootable area.

K3b allows you to create music CDs, but not through the method described in this tutorial.

For more information, please read the help files included with K3b.