July 13, 2008

10 Best KDE Applications - Reloaded

This article is a continuation of the 10 Best KDE Applications Not Included in KDE which I wrote a while ago. In the first article I reviewed Amarok, KTorrent, K3b, Gwenview, KVirc, Kaffeine, KDevelop, Kid3, DigiKam and Yakuake. In this second part I'll add 10 more applications which I consider to be full-featured and to have a high quality. I included the screenshots at the end of the article. So, here goes the list...

1. BasKet - beautiful and powerful notes-taking application, in my opinion BasKet deserves the name of the best notes-taking application for Linux.
Official website

2. Krusader - very powerful file manager for KDE3 with an interface similar with the one of Midnight Commander. Krusader 2.0.0-beta1 for KDE4 was released recently.
Official website

3. K9Copy - DVD ripper for KDE with advanced options. You can read a full review here.
Official website

4. KWord - KWord is the word processor application included in the KOffice suite. It's lighter than OpenOffice.org, yet offering many options and support for the OpenDocument format. Work is in progress for the KDE4 port too.
Official website

5. KDiff3 - a file differences and comparing tool.
Official website

6. Konversation - currently at version 1.0.1 for KDE3, Konversation is a very user-friendly IRC client with lots of options, highly configurable, but lacking event-based scripting. Konversation 1.1 for KDE4 is in the works.
Official website

7. kdetv - KDE TV viewer with support for Teletext. (Download from here if official website is down)
Official website | Official website

8. Krita - Krita is the image editor included in KOffice. Although not as popular as the GIMP, Krita includes many effects and several powerful tools for image manipulation.
Official website

9. KPlayer - powerful KDE video player based on MPlayer, with support for subtitles and TV.
Official website

10. KMyMoney - personal finance manager for KDE including most of the powerful features needed for managing your finances.
Official website


KPlayer 0.6.3

BasKet 1.0.2

Krita 1.6.3

Krusader 1.90.0

Konversation 1.0.1

KWord 1.6.3

K9Copy 1.2.3

kdetv 0.8.9

KDiff3 0.9.92

KMyMoney 0.8.9


blackbelt_jones said...
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Al Maverick said...

You should try version 0.9 of KMyMoney. It has a ton of new features.

Anonymous said...

k3b is great cd/dvd authoring software. KRDC was awesome, but they reworked the most recent release and now it sucks.