July 04, 2008

Apricot - Open-Source Blender Game

Apricot is the newest project from the Blender Institute with the goal to build an open-source game instead of a Blender video this time. The characters used in the game are from the Big Buck Bunny movie, the latest free movie developed using Blender under the name Project Peach.

The other two projects developed by the Blender Institute are project Orange and project Peach, which developed the free short-length movies Elephants Dream and, respectively, Big Buck Bunny.

Project Apricot official website

The game is currently under heavy development, however a playable demo and a video have been made available on the official website.

To quote from the official website, "The team will work on a cross platform game (at least Linux, Windows, OS X), using Blender for modeling and animation, Crystal Space as 3D engine and delivery platform, and Python for some magic scripting to glue things together."

You can watch the video here and a discussion forum is available here.

Updated: Jul 04, 2008 (Created: Jul 04, 2008)


Anonymous said...

"Big Buck Bunny movie, the last free movie developed using Blender"
Don't you mean the *latest* free movie?

Craciun Dan said...

Indeed, thanks for observing it.