July 13, 2008

10 Iconic Linux Logos

I decided to leave out logos of Linux distributions, since including two or three of those would not be appropriate when there are hundreds of good distributions out there.

1. Tux, the Linux mascot

2. GNU logo

3. Glider - the hackers' logo

4. Wikipedia logo

5. Apache logo

6. KDE logo

7. GNOME logo

8. GIMP logo

9. Open Source logo

10. OpenOffice.org logo


Anonymous said...

The logo of Tux is incorrect.

You can find the authentic and original logo of the Linux Tux at PromotingLinux.com

Anonymous said...

You may safely erase the previous post.
It's from a coward douche bag microsoftie who must know about computing as much as i know about quantum physics.
Unfortunately, current spam protection technologies doesn't come with IQ measurement built in.

Anonymous said...

@Nuno Zimas

You must not have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

More like people just spamming their own web sites.

Anonymous said...

just more Comment spammage...

Anonymous said...

Honestly, wikipedia does not have anything to do with linux other than maybe running a linux OS. Do they? IMHO, f#ck wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who's used a rifle with a peep sight knows where the "Open Source" logo comes from.

Siddhant Sanyam said...

>Honestly, wikipedia does not have
>anything to do with linux other than
>maybe running a linux OS. Do they? IMHO,
>f#ck wikipedia.

Linux is free. (Of course free as in Free-dom and not as free as in free beer). Wikipedia is also free. It is open. It foster the spirit of the Open community.

M$'s fans are just like M$ : creepy. I thought for 5 minutes and came up with this word. You jerks are M$'s A$$ licker's. How good an OS may be when everything is closed? Go get some life. Open projects deliver far more quality than close projects will ever. Read Cathedral and Bazaar by Eric S Raymond.
Most of M$ developers don't know the internals of the OS they are using. One who has read the designs of OS knows how bad can M$ OS screw you up.