July 11, 2008

4 Ways to Rip DVDs on Linux

This article contains 4 applications for ripping DVDs on Linux: K9Copy, dvd::rip, acidrip and Thoggen.

K9Copy is a KDE application which allows ripping DVDs to many formats and it includes the possibility to rip to exact size (for example, rip a DVD into 2 files with 700 MB each). I wrote a full review here.

Currently at version 0.98.8, dvd::rip is a powerful tool built in GTK, with support for many video codecs, like Xvid, ffmpeg, or divx.

acidrip is yet another powerful graphical ripper built in GTK with many codecs available and the option to select the file size of the output.

Thoggen will generate Ogg Theora video files from your DVDs, having the option to rip ISO images or to access DVD data from a directory. You can also set the quality or size of the output video file.


Anonymous said...

A ripper is not a program that converts dvds into divx or another encoded format. a ripper is a program that takes the dvd, decrypts it, usually removing any region encoding, and places it on your hard drive as a VIDEO_TS folder.

Some of the programs you mentioned do this, and then encode the video, but you made it sound like the last one you mentioned doesn't.

bytor4232 said...

What about mencoder. Its the only way to fly.

Chad said...

Arthur, AcidRip uses MEncoder. K9Copy and dvd::rip both use transcode. I'm not sure about Thoggen.

Dan, Keep up the good work on the site. I link to a lot of your posts.


bytor4232 said...

Right, so AcidRip is a front-end to mencoder.

What I was referring to was using mencoder directly, not a using a front-end.

Glenn Greenfield said...

Unfortunately none of these apps can rip encrypted DVD's (read most DVD's sold in the USA). Fortunately we can use DVD Fab to rip encrypted DVD's and DVD Shrink to shrink them to < 4.5G Yes, both are Windows apps but work rather well under WINE.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that K9Copy is a (nice) front-end to mencoder.

Anonymous said...

@Glenn: All those programs can rip encrypted DVDs, as long as you have libdvdcss2 installed. They don't actually include the library precompiled in - after all, they're called *shared* libraries :-)

John Ortiz OrdoƱez said...

Thanks for this information. I have 3 movies in ISO format (aprox. 12GB). I will convert them in few days...

Anonymous said...

it the best way to rip your dvd in linux. thanks for sharing.

DVD Duplication said...

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