July 02, 2008

Most Popular Posts - June

What Makes Amarok the Most Popular Audio Player for Linux?
An article/review about 7 reasons for which Amarok is the most popular audio player on Linux.

10 Best KDE Applications Not Included in KDE
A review of 10 best KDE applications which don't come with KDE alone, including Amarok, K3b, KTorrent, Kaffeine and KDevelop.

10 Best GTK Applications Not Included in GNOME
A review of 10 best GTK applications which don't come with GNOME, including the GIMP, XChat, Inkscape, Banshee and Deluge.

Wine 1.0 Review
Review of the first 1.x release of Wine. Tested applications are World of WarCraft, mIRC, Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike.

Review of the New Banshee 1.0 Audio Player
Banshee is a powerful audio player which integrates with GNOME, and the new 1.0 release features a whole bunch of new stuff.

3 BitTorrent Clients for Linux
This article reviews KTorrent, Deluge and Transmission, which are three of the most used BitTorrent clients in Linux.

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