May 26, 2008

3 Must-Have Amarok Scripts

Updated: May 26, 2008

This article reviews 3 best Amarok scripts I use and recommend (click on the
screenshots to enlarge):

This script provides many sites from which lyrics will be retrieved, among them being Lyriki, AZ Lyrics, and Leos Lyrics. The current version (0.12.8) depends on Ruby 1.8 and one of QtRuby, Ruby/GTK or Ruby/TK libraries. On a Debian system, you would only need to install the 'libruby1.8' and 'libqt0-ruby1.8' packages. You can use it also to submit lyrics to WikiLyric, if you have an active username.

ConTEXT is a nice script which searches for TXT or HTML files in the current playing song's directory and displays their content in the context browser, in a configurable box. It can also retrieve reviews about the album from various websites. This script is very handy if your collection also includes files with information regarding the album and artist. A full tutorial can be found here.

This script generates a HTML file from your current playlist. It comes with the default installation of Amarok (and probably in earlier versions too).

It is not configurable, but the default colours and layout are nice enough if you ask me.

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