May 25, 2008

Extend Amarok Using ConTEXT

Updated: May 25, 2008

One nice script for Amarok which I bumped into is ConTEXT. This script looks for text or HTML files in the song's directory and it inserts them into the context browser, with the possibility to configure the display mode. You can move the box created by ConTEXT above or below 'Albums by Artist' box. To install it, go to Tools -> Script Manager and click on the 'Get More Scripts' button and select it from the list that appears. Alternately you can download from the Amarok scripts page. It depends on python and, optionally for the configuration dialogue, python-qt. On a Debian system, install the 'python-qt3' package:

apt-get install python-qt3

Here is how it looks (notice the album.txt file in the context browser):

And the Script Manager:

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