May 23, 2008


I'm a Linux user since 2006 and a happily Debian user for over one year now. My hobbies are computers, programming, Linux and music (especially rock 'n' roll). If you're asking yourself why I didn't choose another name for my blog, it's because I'm a Pink Floyd fan. The blog is 99% about Linux though.

You can find here Linux tutorials and reviews, articles, thoughts and essays, all about Linux.

I use to stay on IRC (i love it actually) on OFTC and sometimes Freenode. You can reach me under the nickname Christmas @ OFTC. I also hang around mainly in three communities, being an active user of UbuntuForums, and DebianForums.

For suggestions or any other problem related to this blog, I invite you to email me at

floydian.embryo -at- yahoo -dot- com

I usually check my mail regularly so you should get a fast response. However I don't guarantee that you'll always receive an immediate answer, I also have work to do.

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akae said...

lot of info here!
I will eventually come back...