May 25, 2008

Why I Still Prefer KDE3

I tested KDE 4.0 in Kubuntu 8.04 Remix edition. I know it's probably not the best distribution to test the relatively new KDE 4.0, but that was what I had available at the moment. It didn't made a good impression to me though: it seems unpolished; I had to resize and adjust widgets nearly in every application I used; it's slow - one of the reasons I've left GNOME behind was the fact that KDE3 had a more responsive interface, which doesn't lag when you scroll through a list of, say 1000 items - well, that is not the case with KDE 4.0, which now seems as slow as GNOME is. I'm currently using KDE 3.5.9 with Debian Lenny and I'm so happy with it, and some of the reasons which still make me stick to it are:

1. Very stable
KDE3 has been tested and tested over and over; most of the applications for it reached maturity and are bug-free

2. Polished
Except for a few annoyances, everything seems to be in place

3. Way more faster
The interface itself is more responsive, scrolling goes smooth and fast; drawing windows gets done instantly

4. It includes all the features one could think of
This will be done in KDE 4.0 too, I'm sure, but it will take some time

And the list could go on. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing KDE 4.0, but I currently think it won't fit, at least not for me. I'll give it a try in another couple of months, I'm sure it will get improved.


Anonymous said...

> This will be done in KDE 4.0 too, I'm sure, but it will take some time


>I'll give it a try in another couple of months, I'm sure it will get improved.

Yes, 4.1 (beta 1 - SVN build) is looking good and it keeps getting better :).

If you want to take a sneak peek at KDE 4.1, you could try building it from SVN. It seems pretty stable. I even use it as my default environment. I've posted a howto here :

Craciun Dan said...

Thank you for the link. I'll have a look and try it.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, KDE 4.0.x is intended for developers and really brave users. Average users should wait for 4.1 or even 4.2. And I've to agree 4.1 beta is far more polished and stable, I'm posting this from KDE 4.1 beta. Just stay tuned with KDE :)

Anonymous said...

Same here. I still prefer KDE 3.x over the new and "improved" KDE 4.x.

Anonymous said...

I've tested it in the recent Fedora 9 release (v. 4.03) and have been disappointed too. UI responsivness is slow (Scrolling, window moving/rezising, app switching) in spite of being running on top of Qt 4.x which claims to be faster. There are also lots of bugs in drawing of main panel, in special if you change it's deffault size and move it.
Hope 4.1 final fix all this.

Anonymous said...

I prefer KDE3. KDE4.2 (almost released) gets in my way and stops me from do what I need to do. Did KDE4 wanted to be KDEVista? I think so, because I really don't like it. KDE3 still rules and will be ruling for the next 5 years I hope!

Thanks KDE3 backporters, you saved my life.

GNOME devs, you lazy stupid people! You could be way far ahead KDE now, and you decided just to stuck on your slow interface!