May 30, 2008

XChat Tips & Tricks

Updated: May 30, 2008

Make XChat display the /WHOIS information in the current window

One of the default settings in Xchat is that it displays the /WHOIS information in the status window. This can be changed in a flash. Type in any XChat window:

/set irc_whois_front 1

And this is it. Your /WHOIS information will now be displayed in the current window. More details about the /SET variables can be found here.

Hide join/part messages using the conference mode

The conference mode can prove very useful on large channels, or when there are discussions which you want to be logged without join/part disturbing messages. To enable it, type the following in any of XChat's windows:

/set irc_conf_mode 1

If you only want to hide the messages for a specific channel, right click on the channel text area (the tab or the tree channel name) and untick 'Show join/part messages'

Hide backlog

A new feature introduced in XChat 2.8.4 is that when you restart XChat it displays the messages you received last time you ran it. If you want to disable this feature type the command:

/set text_replay 0

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