June 14, 2008

10 Best KDE Applications Not Included in KDE

1. Amarok - The most popular audio player on Linux
The audio player of choice for most KDE users. Amarok is also the most popular audio player on Linux offering a great audio experience and including any feature one could ask from an audio player.


2. KTorrent - Complete BitTorrent client
KTorrent was a very good client for the BitTorrent protocol two years ago, when it was at version 1.0. Since then, KTorrent only featured improvements, which turned it into the best client for KDE.

KTorrent 2.2.6 - Feature-complete

3. K3b - The most popular CD/DVD burner application
K3b practically became synonymous with CD/DVD burning on Linux, just like Nero is on Windows.

K3b 1.0.4

4. Gwenview - Image viewer for KDE
Gwenview features thumbnail views and can be expanded through plugins which allow basic image editing. Light and fast, yet perfect for viewing images.

Gwenview 1.4.2

5. KVirc - IRC client
In my opinion, no KDE IRC client can beat XChat, and there are plenty more except KVirc, like KSirc or Konversation. This client offers good support for IRC and features its own scripting language, more like mIRC-style. Can support themes and I think it's the one that looks the 'best' from all the IRC clients out there.

When first starts, KVirc shows a wizard dialogue for basic configuration

KVirc - Connected to Freenode

6. Kaffeine - Video player
Despite the fact that it usually ships with something broken or a few small bugs, Kaffeine can play almost anything. It's not VLC, that's true, but it has support for subtitles with encoding option, can play DVDs, VCDs and audio CDs, has customisable shortcuts and it doesn't take many resources. You can embed it in the system tray if you like.

Kaffeine 0.8.6 - Work is in progress at the KDE4 port

7. KDevelop - KDE development environment
KDevelop is a full-featured development environment, which makes easy to develop large applications, maintain projects, create makefiles and more. It's a must-have for a developer. If you only want basic programming, then go with Kate.

KDevelop 3.5.1

8. Kid3 - Audio tag editor
Kid3 supports editing tags for plenty audio files, like MP3, OGG Vorbis or FLAC. It provides the ability to edit tags in mass, which makes the work faster and easier than using a normal tag editor included in an audio player.

Kid3 1.0 - Fast audio tag editor

9. DigiKam - Photo management
DigiKam is a good application for managing your photos from cameras in collections in albums. You can edit, import and export albums and much more.

DigiKam 0.9.3

DigiKam - Configuration window

10. Yakuake - Shell-like application
Yakuake is a terminal emulator, just like Konsole, which offers by default the shortcut F12 to bring it to front when needed or to hide it when you've done your work.

Yakuake 2.8.1 - Pressing F12 brings it to front or hides it

Updated: Jun 14, 2008 (Created: Jun 14, 2008)


Anonymous said...

I love Basket Note Tabs http://basket.kde.org/index.php phenominal!

Craciun Dan said...

I completely forgot about BasKet, thanks for suggesting it. Actually I tried somewhere in the past because I keep my notices in a plain text file, and I really was impressed with it. Great way of highlighting things. But finally I gave up and I'm currently using just a plain text which I edit with Kate.

Craciun Dan said...

I made this addition in my other KDE applications post, since it's more appropriate to include it there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I didn't get some minor issue concerning KDE, but I don't see why you say about ten KDE applications they were "not included in KDE", since they are pretty much included.

Craciun Dan said...

I must admit, the title is a little ambiguous. It caused confusion on Digg too. I meant the applications are not included in the KDE as the project originally ships (you know, JuK, not Amarok, Noatun, no Kaffeine, and so on). They are third-party applications, not included in the packages KDE as a project provides.

Of course, they all use KDE libs and most of them ship in distributions like Kubuntu.

Leonardo Barichello said...

Ktorrent as the best torrent client?

I loved the list (and just installed and aprovved some of your suggests), but i disagree completely of ktorrent on it.

And i suggest: kwlan

Unknown said...

kvirc? no way :(