June 23, 2008

BasKet - The Complete Notes-Taking Application

I was lately impressed by a nice application I recently included in the 20 Essential KDE Applications article. I'm talking about BasKet, a full-featured and complete notes-taking application for KDE.

Usually, when thinking of an application for taking notes, one may have in mind at most a basic and precarious text editor which sits in the system tray and just allows you to put things you've bumped into in it, in plain text mode. Well, BasKet is much more than just a simple notes application, having amazing features like importing text notes files and several other file types, highlighting different notes by importance, tagging by priority (for example, you can tag notes as 'to do', 'work', 'personal', 'funny', 'code' and much more).

BasKet 1.0.2 usual interface

BasKet has an appealing interface, and when it first starts it offers a welcome page made in BasKet itself, with help and most common topics related to it.

BasKet will come very handy especially when you bump into some quote, or a tip, or a helpful discussion on IRC or on forums. But you can practically use it for any notes, and even entire articles and tutorials you want to keep in an archive and come back to check it out when needed.

Cleverly importing a text file with notes

It's highly configurable: you can completely change the appearance of your notes (fonts and colours), animate changes, configure shortcuts and global shortcuts (those are needed to invoke BasKet very fast with a key combination when the focus is set to another application - extremely useful). When you don't need it, it allows to be embedded in the system tray.

Default notes example file - BasKet also allows to divide the notes pages into sections

The official website is well maintained, offering a tour of BasKet, highlighting its features and screenshots.

I must say, one great piece, which makes way more than it's supposed to do. Highly configurable, with a nice interface and great functionality, BasKet is the best application for taking notes by far.

BasKet 1.0.2 About window - the last version is 1.0.3

Official website

Updated: Jun 23, 2008 (Created: Jun 23, 2008)

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