June 20, 2008

A Compilation of Libraries You Might Need on Debian

This post lists the necessary libraries needed to either compile or run several applications on Debian Lenny. For the applications already included in the repositories (like Amarok, Wine, Banshee and so on) use this guide. Make sure to always try apt-get build-dep application_name first, then see if you really need some other dependencies. This is not a general-purpose guide, it's mostly KDE oriented and lists dependencies for programs I need and use, yours might or might not be in this list.

build-essential - GNU Compiler Collection and several other utilities needed for compiling software (this is essential if you plan to compile from source)

kdebase-dev - headers and development libraries needed to compile most KDE applications

lsb-cxx - required by the QtCurve KDE3 style

libxpm-dev - required by KDocker

libstdc++5 - required by many programs, UT2004 among them

libqt0-ruby1.8 - required by Wiki-Lyrics Amarok script

python-qt3 - required by ConTEXT Amarok script

libboost-dev - required by Wesnoth

pyste - required by Wesnoth

konq-plugins - required by Ark for Konqueror integration

ident2 - ident daemon, required by Konversation (not essential)

ntpdate - keeps your date synchronised with an Internet server

libglib1.2-dev - required to compile XMMS

libgtk1.2-dev - required to compile XMMS

Just use apt-get install library_name as root in order to install any of the above.

Updated: Jun 19, 2008 (Created: Jun 19, 2008)

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