June 09, 2008

Most Popular Posts - May

Amarok - Probably the Last 1.x Release
A review of the most popular audio player on Linux: Amarok.

20 Essential KDE Applications - Review
Review of 20 essential KDE applications, plus several additions. Included are Amarok, K3b, KTorrent, DigiKam, Akregator and many others.

10 Reasons to Love Debian
Reasons for why I love using Debian.

One of My Favourites: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
A review of one of the most popular online FPS (First Person Shooter) games: Enemy Territory.

3 Must-Have Amarok Scripts
As the title says. The chosen ones are ConTEXT, Lyriki-Wiki and Playlist2HTML.

10 Audio Players for Linux - Review
Review of ten most popular audio players on Linux.

Burn Your CDs and DVDs! K3b Review
Review of the latest version of K3b, 1.0.4.

Wine 1.0 RC2 Review
I tested World of WarCraft, DC++ and mIRC using the second release candidate of Wine. See the conclusion.

KTorrent 2.2.6 - One of the Best BitTorrent Clients
Review of the KDE most popular BitTorrent client.

It Takes a Convert to Make a Convert
An essay on how I switched to Linux and what prevents most of the Windows users to do so.

Updated: June 10, 2008 (Created: June 09, 2008)

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