June 09, 2008

Gaming Tips on Linux - A Compilation

I gathered these tips over the time, and most of them were very useful to me.

Fix sound in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
This is a known issue due to the old, unmaintained sound system used by Enemy Territory. Follow the instructions here: http://nullkey.ath.cx/~stuff/et-sdl-sound/

Sound in Unreal Tournament 2004
Sometimes after you close the game, the sound in other applications will cease to work, because the UT2004 process is still running. To quit it, either use quit from the UT2004 console (I noticed this always kills the process correctly), or type:

kill -9 $(pidof ut2004-bin)

You can make an alias for this command, like kut (for 'kill ut'), see how to create aliases here.

Start a Quake 3 server
Here's a 'standard' command:

/usr/local/games/ioquake3/ioq3ded.i386 +set fs_game baseq3 +set net_IP [IP] +set dedicated 2 +set com_hunkmegs 128 +exec server.cfg &

Make sure to replace the path to the dedicated server binary in case yours is different, and also, instead of [IP] fill in your IP address.

Start an Urban Terror server
Urban Terror is a pretty realistic standalone First Person Shooter (formerly Quake 3 mod) which carries you in battles in maps inspired from various locations of the globe. To start a server, use:

/usr/local/games/ioquake3/ioq3ded.i386 +set fs_game q3ut4 +set net_IP [IP] +set dedicated 2 +set com_hunkmegs 256 +exec server.cfg &

This assumes you already have Quake 3 installed. If not, you may start a server anyway, see the guide on the official homepage. The same as the above, replace the path to the dedicated binary and [IP] with your IP.

Note: This list is open for additions, so if you have any please leave a comment or send me an email (see the About post).

Updated: June 09, 2008 (Created: June 09, 2008)

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