June 12, 2008

SuperKaramba - Adding Beauty to Your KDE Desktop

SuperKaramba is a KDE application which allows you to make KDE more 'eye-candy' by loading appealing and good-looking widgets on the desktop. You can have widgets which display digital or analogue clocks, system information and monitoring, weather reports, currently playing song in Amarok or other audio players and much more.

SuperKaramba 0.42

SuperKaramba is now part of the kdeutils package. To install SuperKaramba on a Debian system, just type apt-get install superkaramba.

Two of the Easy Monitor widgets

Downloading new widgets

Sigma Quad Monitor widget

I couldn't make SuperKaramba automatically load the widgets on the desktop after I restarted it, so they have to be added again manually, each time when starting SuperKaramba.

Updated: Jun 12, 2008 (Created: Jun 12, 2008)

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