June 12, 2008

Brasero 0.7.1 Review - CD/DVD Burning Application for GNOME

I recently reviewed K3b, the popular KDE burning application, so today I wanted to review a GNOME burning application, and decided upon Brasero.

Currently at version 0.7.1, Brasero impresses with a simple layout and an intuitive interface. The left panel contains a file browser from which you can select the files/folders which you want on your CD, and in the right panel you can visualize what files are to be written. Of course, for ease of use, you can drag and drop files from the file browser to the right panel. You can toggle the side panel using F7, and hide it if it stays in your way.

Choose a project

Adding files to the project

Brasero is simple and light, yet it offers the necessary functionality a burner should have, being able to create audio CDs, data CDs/DVDs and burn CD/DVD images, with the ability to save the project for later reuse.

Burning an ISO9660 CD image

Creating audio CD

It has no ability to create ISO9660 images from a selected file or folder, but you can eventually do that on command line if you really need it.

It supports multisessions, and can be used to copy a CD/DVD, useful if you have more than one drive and want to save time.


You'll have to select the correct drive in which the blank CD/DVD is located, since Brasero doesn't automatically selects it for you if you have more than one optical drives.

Overall, it's a fine burner. I was impressed by the clean interface this application comes with. It's true, Brasero does not feature as many things as K3b, but it is definitely a good burner, without the whistles and bells, which can do your job fast and easy.

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Updated: Jun 12, 2008 (Created: Jun 12, 2008)


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Anonymous said...

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wtf? this article is about linux apps! If you feel the need to spam, you could at least dump your garbage at the right place...

puffypuff said...

Some people claim Brasero DVD burning software is better than k3b, but I think k3b is better because its more reliable and provides a comfortable user interface to perform most CD/DVD burning tasks.