June 27, 2008

Tomboy - Yet Another Notes-Taking Application

A few days ago I reviewed BasKet, the wonderful KDE application for taking notes, so today I decided upon Tomboy, which is an application for GNOME.

Tomboy 0.10.2

Tomboy does not provide as many features as BasKet, but it might be the right choice for those using GNOME. It provides global hotkeys, spell-checking while typing, and several options for formatting the text, like highlighting. It can be embedded in the system tray and it uses a low amount of resources.

Formatting text in your notes

Another feature are the extensions, called add-ins in Tomboy, like the Export to HTML or Backlinks, which allows to link between notes. It also allows searching in all your notes.

Tomboy add-ins


Running in KDE with the default browser set to Konqueror won't open any links (I noticed this at many GNOME applications which run in KDE) but it's OK if you have Epiphany installed.

As a conclusion, although it's not as feature-rich as its KDE counterpart, Tomboy is pretty good for taking notes in a rapid fashion, considering you don't need advanced options.


Anonymous said...

tomboy also has a dbus interface so it is a lot easier to access information from it using scripts or other apps.

It also has a synchronization feature that Basket does not.

Unknown said...

Tomboy notes is a Mono application.


If you install it, your GNOME desktop now has a dependency on all of the Mono libraries.

Mono implements a Linux version of a set of patented Microsoft technologies.

(Some of .NET is an ISO standard ... but some of it is not, and remains Microsoft proprietary. Microsoft's OSP and its definition of RAND terms for licensing basically boils down to: "NO OPEN SOURCE IMPLEMENTATIONS ALLOWED").

Draw your own conclusions.

-Mike said...

How do I make the notes yellow instead of white?

Andrew said...

How can Basket be made to upload / download from UbuntuOne etc. I can't find a way. Please advise